Fan Media Launches Apple News Channel

Quality sports news reporting and commentary from journalists, college journalists, citizen journalists (fans), and former players can now be viewed and followed on Fan Media’s new channel in Apple News. Fan Media’s newsroom and its editorial team will review and choose to feature the most timely, relevant and newsworthy videos from its network to be included in its new Apple News channel.

“This is yet another unique opportunity that Fan Media offers to journalists, former players and fans. Our network allows quality mobile video journalists to share their sports news videos, coverage and commentary within our app and now expands viewership opportunities by launching our own Apple News channel,” said Fan Media Network CEO and founder Kirk Berridge.

The company continues to democratize sports news coverage and opens an entirely new market of mobile video journalism. All news gathering and publishing is done solely by mobile phones. The videos are moderated and targeted by league, by team, and by city. Our network of former players, journalists and fans can earn money and get paid right on their phones (Patent Pending). The iPhone app and web site have 270 team channels for NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS news with multiple points of view.

Fan Media invites journalists to join its social news network, which is great way for sports journalists to reinvent themselves as mobile video journalists. Any journalist, former player and fan can create a profile and publish videos, and sources who are reliable and share quality content have the ability to be promoted to Fan Media official status. Journalists make and edit 45-second and 60-second videos on the fly to easily compile multiple clips of footage with voiceover commentary and the option to include natural sound.

Fan Media will bring the best of its bite size video reporting to its Apple News channel, so the most compelling stories and commentary will reach a wide audience of sports fans, who are consuming news on the go.