Assign Stories on Fan Media Network

News outlets can assign stories to iPhone and Android reporters and former players in different cities and college towns using Fan Media Network’s website, then buy the stories on its video marketplace, feature them on their channels, monetize through advertisers and keep 100% of the revenue. 

The service is available on

Fan Media Network has 275 team channels across 100 cities and college towns for NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB & MLS news.

iPhone and Android reporters, former players, sports betting analysts, super fans and fans cover trending sports news and teams. They can earn money five ways as freelance contributors. 

All news gathering and publishing is done by phones, faster and at a fraction of the cost. 

National and local news outlets, including local tv station websites, newspaper websites and sports radio websites can use the service.

“This creates economic opportunities for many. Media companies have had layoffs. Reporters and former players can earn money as freelance contributors and get discovered or rediscovered. News outlets can get more video for its digital channels. This service is similar to AP and Getty Images but bite size videos ready-made for mobile consumption with a pay as you go model for news outlets”, said Kirk Berridge, company founder. 

News outlets can assign coverage on trending sports news, fan interviews/public opinion, coverage of opposing team news, human interest stories, hyper local sports news, tentpole events and investigative stories.

Fan Media Network newsroom reaches out to reporters and former players to discuss details and deadlines.

To buy stories, news outlets simply create a profile on the website with their logo as their profile photo so reporters and players, who get a notification when their stories are purchased, know which news outlet bought their stories.