Fan Media Announces Program for Former College Football Players

This season former college football players can stay in the game as mobile video commentators covering their former team on their mobile phone for Fan Media Network, a social news app.

Fan Media is a social news company with an Apple iOS app that has 135 college team channels and will be launching a mobile web site and desktop version for college football season to allow any fan on any phone to experience Fan Media Network.

The network features three types of video makers – trained journalists, former college players and fans who make 30-second videos on their mobile phones covering teams in the NFL, NCAA, NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS, from the fan’s point-of-view. Fans compete to earn money, official status and media credentials. 
The company will train, develop and collaborate with former college players as mobile video commentators that provide social news coverage of their former college football teams. The videos will appear on their former team’s channel in the app.
 Will Lowery
Former college football players will serve as Media Analysts and make weekly videos covering their former college football team with analysis, insight and commentary. Fan Media Network will provide a commentator’s kit with best practices on production quality and editorial direction.

“This is an opportunity for many former college football players to stay in the game or get back in the game, get on-camera, build their mobile demo reel, possibly get discovered for commercial and professional opportunities and get into the News Feeds of Facebook and twitter as videos can be shared by fans from the app as well as Fan Media’s brand pages”, said Fan Media Network founder and CEO, Kirk Berridge.
Former college players can apply by installing the app and making one 30-second video about their former college football team. It can be a season preview video or a trending topic around college football. Fan Media will contact them in the app from the Newsroom to promote them to official status and begin to develop them and collaborate with them to help them make great videos.