Fan Media Network Now Has 100 Reporters

Fan Media Network continues to attract reporters covering sports news and teams on their phones with videos for NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS news.

Over 100 reporters are in the sports news network. Reporters include sports radio hosts, sports radio reporters, beat writers, TV/radio sideline reporters, play-by-play broadcasters, TV and website sports producers, freelancers and student reporters.

Reporters can use the sports news network whenever they want and be independent. This is a self-publishing video platform like Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., except it’s uniquely organized with 270 team channels, an innovative mobile payments marketplace to earn money and get paid on your phone and a partnership with Apple News.

Crossover media types can easily get on-camera, have control and extend nationally through Apple News when there is trending sports news in their cities around the teams they cover.

“Local reporters typically break the news in sports and this is an easy way for those who have news and can give news to do sports news videos on their phones in 60-seconds or less and extend nationally through Apple News. Trending sports news videos is our niche. All news gathering and publishing is done by mobile phone videos. We have already had eight reporters get into Apple News,” said Fan Media Network founder/CEO, Kirk Berridge.

Reporters can earn money. News outlets can buy their sports news videos from the app to supplement their coverage. Fans can support reporters to keep them in the network providing sports news coverage with viewer-support.

To publish sports news videos, reporters can install the iPhone app or use the website (supports Android). Reporters can select their team(s) and photo for their profile. Our Newsroom will contact reporters in the app or web site to collaborate as needed.