Fan Media Network Announces Official Correspondents and Media Analysts

Fan Media has begun to announce its Official Correspondents and Media Analysts for the 2016 college football season. The correspondents and analysts come from 128 colleges and universities around the country that compete to participate in the College Football Playoff. Fans make 30-second videos on their phones covering their favorite teams in their area from their point of view and compete to earn money, official status and media credentials.

The Official Correspondents, made up of current and former journalism students, includes Kevin Shroat (Clemson), Justin Spears (Arizona), Sara Palczewski (Auburn), Caroline Zaffino (Boston College), Kyle Sams (West Virignia), Tyler Kirksmith (North Texas), Hunter Smith (TCU) and Paige Martin (Tulsa). The
Media Analysts, made up of former college football players, includes former DL Cory Bennett (Oklahoma) and former WR Phil Taylor (TCU).img_4607

Fan Media will continue to add correspondents and media analysts throughout the season. Those interested can apply by installing the appĀ, and making one video 30-second or less video about theirĀ college football team.

Fan Media app is a social news company that is building a network of iPhone video correspondents and media analysts for the top 250 NFL, NCAA, NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS teams across N. America (Patent Pending).

The app organizes pro & college sports fans, former players and trained
journalists as professional media through mobile phone videos, viewer voting and competition.