Fan Shows made on Zoom

Fan Media made history with the first Fan Show recorded on Zoom.

Dallas Cowboys fans appear on screen providing reactions to a recent game and news. The weekly fan show is hosted by A.B. Bhakta.

“Zoom is an easy, fast and low-cost way to produce Fan Shows. We’ve always had a remote operation. We’ve never had an office. This is an extension to our iPhone/Android contributor sports news video network. Once we get a sponsor we will expand fan shows and former player shows to other teams in other cities, college towns and countries,” said Fan Media Founder Kirk Berridge. 

Fan Media website and app have 300 team channels across 100 cities and college towns for NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS news and shows.

Verified reporters, former players, sports betting analysts, super fans and fans cover trending sports news and teams. 

These are short shows, 3-4 minutes. Think mobile sports shows, able to be watched on phones.

To host a fan show or appear as a fan on a fan show, simply create a profile on Fan Media’s iOS app or website, select your team(s) and make a short intro video on your phone. Show hosts, reporters, former players and super fans use our Get Verified feature and make an intro video. Our mobile newsroom staff will reach out.