Get Verified on Fan Media

Reporters, Players, Super Fans and Sports Betting Analysts see how you can get verified on Fan Media Network.

The first step is to create your profile (you only need to do two things – select your teams and your headshot). Reporters use our iPhone app to publish their sports news videos 

Then you can do an intro video (, and then our newsroom can verify you and give you a team-branded profile with a reporter, player, super fan or sports betting label.

Here is a link to company videos that have more information and can help you get started with tips and best practices

Verified profiles do not apply to fans as fans must earn their way up in our sports news network. Fan videos are subjected to a simple Yes/No vote. If you are good, we will notice you in our system. The best fans can get verified reporter profiles over time as fans prove their videos are newsworthy, timely, accurate and relevant.