Show Host Instructions

Steps for Zoom

  1. Log into Zoom, click “Schedule” to schedule a meeting and send the meeting link to all of your guests (see video below).
  2. Ask your guests to wear team colors (they can also use backgrounds that Fan Media can provide).
  3. Start the meeting on a desktop or laptop (this is required to record).
  4. If your guests are on a phone or tablet, have them position their device horizontally.
  5. Hit record (see video below). You can also turn on “auto record” in video settings. Do not exceed 40 minutes.
  6. Record in gallery view. This will be on when you can see all participants on your screen.
  7. End meeting and let the recording save (the How to Record video below shows where this file will be saved).
  8. At this point, you’ll send the file to Fan Media to edit via WeTransfer or Google Drive (Steps below).
  9. Fan Media will then send the finished show back to you via WeTransfer or Google Drive to upload to our network (Steps below).

Show Format

  1. Open the show “You’re watching the Dallas Cowboys Fan Show on Fan Media Network!”
  2. Introduce yourself and say what you are going to talk about (games and news).
  3. Guests give their point-of-view, host gives their point of view (players can tell stories about opponent, practice, memorable moments)
  4. Close the show “That’s our show.”

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting

How to Record a Zoom Meeting

How to use WeTransfer
You’ll use WeTransfer to send the file and receive it back – we will provide you with an email to send the show to.
WeTransfer is a free service that doesn’t require a sign-up.

How to Publish on Fan Media
Note that uploading shows can take several minutes.

Example Shows