Show Host Resources

Fan Media has a self-serve model for Fan Shows.

Show hosts get a show graphic in team colors, a simple short show format, theme music, closing billboard, tips on pre/post production with steps neatly ordered to make beautiful Fan Shows, ideas to get fans/guests on shows, Apple News distribution and show sponsorship sales & services to help featured show hosts earn money.

Fan Media has a Show Host Resource page. Show hosts can help themselves. Use this link to reach the Resources page.

“We help featured show hosts who want to run their Fan Shows like a mini business. Show hosts can get an audience thru Apple News and earn money thru show sponsorship and show sales”, said Kirk Berridge, founder/CEO of Fan Media.

Fan Media has 300 team channels across 100 cities and college towns for NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS team shows.

Verified show hosts, reporters, former players, sports betting analysts, super fans and fans discuss games and news. The best shows make Apple News. 

Show hosts get 15-minutes for their shows but Fan Media recommends a mobile sports show format, 5-10 minutes that can be watched on a phone. These are weekly shows during the season and off-season news periods.

Fan Media will have multiple Fan Shows for each team and the best show hosts can earn featured status. Imagine binge-watching multiple Fan Shows for your favorite team each week.

Show hosts use our iPhone app to publish their Fan Shows. Come into our iPhone app and we will verify you and give you a profile for the team of your choice with a Show Host label. Fan Shows can be recorded on Zoom or your iPhone.