Fan Media Network Now Has 100 Reporters

Fan Media Network continues to attract reporters covering sports news and teams on their phones with videos for NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS news.

Over 100 reporters are in the sports news network. Reporters include sports radio hosts, sports radio reporters, beat writers, TV/radio sideline reporters, play-by-play broadcasters, TV and website sports producers, freelancers and student reporters.

Reporters can use the sports news network whenever they want and be independent. This is a self-publishing video platform like Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., except it’s uniquely organized with 270 team channels, an innovative mobile payments marketplace to earn money and get paid on your phone and a partnership with Apple News.

Crossover media types can easily get on-camera, have control and extend nationally through Apple News when there is trending sports news in their cities around the teams they cover.

“Local reporters typically break the news in sports and this is an easy way for those who have news and can give news to do sports news videos on their phones in 60-seconds or less and extend nationally through Apple News. Trending sports news videos is our niche. All news gathering and publishing is done by mobile phone videos. We have already had eight reporters get into Apple News,” said Fan Media Network founder/CEO, Kirk Berridge.

Reporters can earn money. News outlets can buy their sports news videos from the app to supplement their coverage. Fans can support reporters to keep them in the network providing sports news coverage with viewer-support.

To publish sports news videos, reporters can install the iPhone app or use the website (supports Android). Reporters can select their team(s) and photo for their profile. Our Newsroom will contact reporters in the app or web site to collaborate as needed.

Fan Media Now Has 100 Former Players In Its Network

Fan Media Network continues to invite former players from the NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS into its social news sports network.

100 former players are in the network, including a Super Bowl Champion, World Series Champion, NCAA Basketball National Champion, College Football National Champion, NHL Stanley Cup Champion, All-American, First Round Draft Pick, Undrafted Free Agent and a Walk-On.

Former players make short casual videos on their phones, drop knowledge and tell stories about their teams, opponents, and any sports news they want to weigh in on from their point of view. Their videos are displayed on their team’s channel in the app and website. They can stay in the game and earn money.

Fan Media is a social news sports network of former players, fans and journalists who cover sports news and teams on their phones with videos from their point of view.

The iPhone app and website (Android) have 270 team channels for NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS news.

“We plan to have 1,000 former players by college football season. They like our story and our platform. We have created a place for them. Only a few former players get TV jobs, and Twitter is for current players and doesn’t have team channels. Fan Media makes it easy to discover and re-discover former players. And there are four ways to earn money and get paid right on their phones through our mobile payments marketplace. Soon we will have more former players in our network than ESPN, CBS Sports, FOX Sports and NBC Sports combined,” said CEO Kirk Berridge.

Once the company gets a sponsor, Fan Media Network plans to pay former players as paid media analysts, one for each team to begin, where they provide insight, commentary and stories on their phone wherever they are.

News outlets can buy former player’s videos to supplement their coverage. Viewers/fans can support former players to keep them in the network making videos on their phones with viewer-support/tips. And brands can pay former players to make video ads with product placement and testimonials on-camera.

“In addition to building a network of former players, fans and journalists as mobile video journalists, we are also building a stable of native video advertising makers. Our system can identify, select and get former players to make video ads on their phones. Brands can pay them right on their phones,” said Berridge. “This is a first in the world of advertising – brand-to-former player mobile payments. Native video ads are our core video ad product. And this is a service we provide to brands and agencies.”

Fan Media Network will first anchor down the network with former players, then journalists and bring in the fans (citizen video journalists) around that.

To be involved, former players can install the iPhone app or build their profile on the website (supports Android users), select their team(s) and include a photo for their profile.

Former players will be verified by our mobile newsroom staff. Then they can make their intro video for their profile with their name, team they played for, position, when they played, who they played with, any stats, accomplishments or fun facts, what they are doing now and what they may talk about in their videos.’

Former Alabama Football Players Provide Insight On Their Phones

Fan Media Network has announced two of its first Media Analysts for the 2017 college football season.

Kellen Williams was as an Offensive Lineman for the Alabama Crimson Tide. He was part of a recruiting class that went 60-7. Alabama won three National Championships during his time in the program.Media Analysts

Andrew Davidson was a walk-on Safety for Alabama in 2011.

Fan Media Network is a social news sports network of mobile video correspondents for the top 250 NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS teams (Patent Pending).

Former student-athletes can cover their school’s team on their phone from their point of view with analysis, commentary, and news reporting. The app and web site have team channels for all 128 schools that play to participate in the College Football Playoff, plus some of the basketball powerhouse schools. This is an opportunity for former players to stay in the game, be on-camera, cover high-profile sports news, build their mobile demo reel, stay connected with their former schools and fans, and have fun.

Fan Media will continue to add Media Analysts throughout the season. Those interested can get involved by installing the app, and making one video 45-second or less video about their college team.

Many NCAA schools and sports that typically don’t get much coverage will benefit from this social news coverage. Videos feature a simple Yes/No vote and are shared from the app and web site into the News Feeds of Facebook and Twitter as social news coverage. Fan Media Network will feature multiple official correspondents and Media Analysts for each team with coverage for all sports, offering multiple points of view.

Mobile journalists, former college players and fans can earn money in the app by providing social news coverage of sports news and teams in their area on their phones from their point of view. The app has a “Buy This Video” feature for newsrooms of local TV stations and newspaper web sites to buy bite size video coverage of news, games, events and moments for $50 from fans and $250 from official correspondents (trained journalists and former college players who Fan Media Network has promoted to official status) and the money goes into the mobile journalist’s bank account. The second way is fans can give money to mobile journalists in the app who they like or like their coverage, from their phone to the mobile journalist’s phone and the money goes into their bank account. Think of this as a PBS-type media model for viewer-supported news programs. Mobile journalists can use the money to help buy tickets, transportation, to upgrade their phones, services plans and to help cover other costs. The third way is brands can give influencers money for product placement in videos and or a fan testimonial on-camera on behalf of a brand and give them money from their phone to the fan’s phone and the money goes into the fan’s bank account. This is brand-to-fan mobile payments, a first in the world of advertising.

“Our social news sports network makes it easy and fun for former student-athletes to provide insight from their point of view on their phone with bite size videos. These opportunities were previously only reserved for TV and just a few select former players. Mobile phone video really opens it up. Not only will many schools and sports that don’t get much coverage benefit, but so will the fans,” said Kirk Berridge, founder and CEO of Fan Media Network.